There’s a Range Rover parked opposite my house. I don’t need a Range Rover. I don’t go out of my way to drive up dirt tracks. I don’t have any children that need dropping off at school. I don’t even have a pair of dogs that want to go for lovely countryside walks.

And yet still it sits there, silent, accusing. I could make time to go on off-road adventures, it seems to say. I could conquer any terrain I pleased if I were behind the wheel of a Range Rover. I could get a couple of canines and whisk them anywhere I wanted.

Even shutting the curtains doesn’t help, because I know it’s still there. And when it isn’t there, it’s still in my mind’s eye. Why, Land Rover, why would you do this to me? Is there some conspiracy to induce consumption of Range Rovers, a nationwide secret society spending all day parking in streets up and down the country just to make people covet their wares?

Of course not. Well, most likely not at any rate. But there is something wholly compelling about the Range Rover that gets under the skin. Heads turn wherever this 4×4 hoves into view, majestically sweeping past and making everything seem so small in comparison.

If you’re not a fan of big 4×4 cars, needless to say that a Land Rover is probably not for you. But if you’ve always wondered what it’s like to be able to look over the roof of the car in front, you will probably be tempted by the thought of a used Land Rover Range Rover. And with the added incentive of being able to conduct itself handsomely on off-road terrain as well as the motorway, one can see why the Range Rover has become such a popular choice for those seeking a car that combines space with practicality.

If I could justify the purchase of a Range Rover, I would be toddling along to a specialist dealership in order to arrange a test drive. But before I do that I have some dog breeders to contact and some countryside to scout out.

It’s not the car for everyone, but it certainly could be the one if you’re in need of generous interior space and high-performance handling that can take rough terrain in its stride. Just please don’t park it outside my house, because I’m getting tired of wiping my nose prints off the window.

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