I wanted to sell my Range Rover 2.9 Td6 Vogue SE Auto, but I was dreading it due to all the problems I’d encountered in the past. For some reason when people see a woman is selling a car they presume I wont know anything about cars. In the past when I’ve sold a Range Rover, potential buyers have tried to tell me my car wasn’t worth the asking price and they would offer me half “I tell you what love, I’ll do you a favor and give you £10,000 in cash and take it off your hands right now.” Yeah, right! I sent them away pretty smartish because I knew the value of my car.

Then there was the car scam: I had advertised my car in the local paper and a day later I received a telephone call from a company saying they had registered buyers who were looking to buy a Range Rover at my asking price. All I had to do was send them £105 so they could underwrite a warranty on my car. Later on they would send me the £105 back from the commission they charged their customers. The thought of having a quick sale was very tempting. However, when I told my friend, she quickly informed me it was a car scam” I had a lucky escape. I did eventually sell my car, but it was time-consuming and a hassle.

The other week, over a coffee, I was telling my aunt that I wanted to sell my latest Range Rover, and I wasn’t looking forward to it. She suggested I contacted an online prestige and specialist car buyer as she had gone down that route when she was selling her Range Rover 4×4 2.5 Country Auto. She said the whole transaction had been smooth and easy; the staff were professional; and she was very happy with the valuation they had given her. It was agreed they would pick the car up from her office, and once they had checked the car was in the condition as she had described it, they made an electronic payment from their account to hers.

That was exactly what I needed; a hassle-free-car-selling experience and I decided then and there I was going to sell my car the same way my aunt had. As soon as I got home I Googled for a prestige and specialist car buyer. When I’d found one, there was an easy form to fill in requiring my contact details and information about my car, such as: make and model, mileage, specifications and the condition of my car. I was a bit concerned about the condition as I did have two dents in the car” one from reversing into a gate (as you do!) and another one from tapping a lamppost that had jumped out in front of me. But they were okay with that information and were still really interested in buying my Range Rover. Another area I wasn’t too sure about was the outstanding finance I had on my car” I thought it might put them off, but again they said it was okay. All I had to do was obtain a settlement figure from the finance company; then they would settle the finance on my behalf, usually by telegraphic transfer directly to the finance company.

We arranged a date and time for them to pick up my Range Rover. I didn’t want my car picked up from my workplace, so they came to my house, and all the details and payment were finalized in the comfort of my home.

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